Here Come the Bots: Online Casinos Looking to Stop the Invasion

Those of us who gamble online always knew they were out there.

Computer geeks are too smart to risk their money, when a robot (Think IBM’s Watson) could play for you, figure out all the odds, and win.

Now the casinos are getting wise to the bots.

An article in the NY Times this past week explained what’s going on:

They said that on sites like PokerStars, computers (Bots) were playing as humans.

The Bots were subsequently shut down.

Poker bots are not new, the article said, “but until recently they were not very good. Humans were better at the nuances of the game — at bluffing, for instance — and could routinely beat the machines. But artificial intelligence has come a long way in the last few years, far enough that poker bots are now good enough to win tens of thousands of dollars on major game sites, which are clamping down on them.”

Full Tilt has also had the problem.

When a player is identified as a bot, PokerStars removes them from our games as soon as possible.

Their winnings are confiscated and the company will “provide compensation to players when appropriate.

It’s a problem (and an expensive one) that online casinos are dealing with. At Full Tilt, an official told the NY TImes that the site was forgoing at least $70,000 per month in revenue by shutting down his customers’ bots.

“The large majority of bots are very bad,” said Darse Billings to the Times. Darse is a consultant to PokerStars and Full Tilt and the former chief of data analytics at Full Tilt.

Well, maybe. Or maybe he’s just trying to con us.

In any case, this is just another case of bots taking over…more and more.

Where it will all end, I don’t know…today poker, tomorrow Jeopardy…in the far future….

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