Happy New Year – Looking back and looking forward

My friend and I bought PokerMoments in May of 2006.  Not counting my wife’s engagement ring, it has been the best investment I’ve ever made. 🙂

I began posting on the site on May 24th, 2006.  Since then I figure I’ve written around 40 posts, not bad from a guy who doesn’t like to write.  But I don’t deserve all the credit for the 8 months of content on PokerMoments.  I’ve had considerable help from others.  Sparky and Cowboy in particular deserve special thanks for all their help.  I am grateful to Kevin and Graeme for their contributions.  Also, thanks to Jennifer Brown for her great interview, to QuietStorm, SomePokerGuy, and others for entertaining comments, and to YouTube for some cool free videos.

As a result of PokerMoments I’ve had many memorable poker moments.   Some of the highlights include,

Being part of a friendly community of poker pondering people.  I continue to be amazed when people I don’t know leave comments on posts.  I’m amazed that anyone even comes to the site.

Enjoying a lot of online poker, some with my 10-year old daughter, who finally understands that one shouldn’t always go all-in.  I’ve come to re-realize that Poker is a great distractor from the anxieties and drudgeries of everyday life.  Poker, Not Prozac!

Winning $784.  Thanks JonWoodGaming and Hold’em Poker.

Being a part of something bigger than myself, namely the world of online poker.  I’ve played in many, some might argue too many, online poker rooms (around a dozen), in part because I have a weakness for no-deposit bonuses.  (Speaking of no-deposit bonuses, I started a post a while ago that I never finished that is about a really cool site that offers some excellent no-deposit bonues.  It is called PokerSponsor and it is owned by a stand-up guy named Jeroen.  I discovered this site at United Poker Forum, a really helpful site that gives a ton of information about promotions and bonues for online poker rooms.  Sorry Jeroen it took me so long to say thanks in a post.  As long as I’m on the topic of no-deposit bonuses, I remind the readers to avoid a site called LTD Poker – They are full of *S)

Improving my poker skills and recognizing my poker weaknesses.  I confess I have LOSS AVERSION!  Boy do I hate to lose.

Learning something about blogging, and earning something from blogging, and getting others into blogging (see here and here), and being inspired by blogging (see here). (For my entry into the blogging world I give a big shout out to Cowboy!).

Reading some fun poker/gambling books – e.g. Poker and Philosophy: Pocket Rockets and Philosopher Kings, The Biggest Game in Town, Bringing Down the House.

Receiving a free cool poker odds calculating tool (Pokerbility) for a review I wrote about it (see here).

No question, these 8 months of PokerMoments have been fun, not to mention profitable.  But I believe 2007 will even be better, especially now that Saddam is out of the picture.

I have made a tentative New Year’s resolution not to play any more online poker.  Ok – I’ll probably break this resolution if I get a no-deposit bonus to some online poker room.  I always give into temptation.  But if I stick somewhat to the resolution, then there will be far fewer posts about my poker exploits, something I’m sure readers will appreciate.  Who really wants to read about how I won $2 at $.01/.2 stakes.

What then will readers of PokerMoments have to look forward to in 2007?  Here’s a taste.

From Sparky, you will see many more unique posts, four are already in the pipeline, including a really funny and great interview with Ben Mezrich, the author of Bringing Down the House.  I think I’ll post this interview with Ben in mid-January.  Sparky doesn’t play poker, but, as we’ve seen, has a lot to say on the subject as well as the subject of pain.

After the positive feedback I received from Jennifer Brown’s interview, I have been looking forward to doing another interview with her.  Expect to read this in January.  I hope to do more interviews with others in the world of high stakes poker.  I’ve written query letters to a few top female professional players.  I’ve also written to Gabe Kaplan.  No responses from them yet.  But I’m persistent.

Of course, there will be more writings on the philosophy of poker.  I have a lot more to say about the essays in Eric Bronson’s collection of essays called Poker and Philosophy.

I will continue to read poker and gambling books and give my thoughts on them.  I look forward to reading Positively Fifth Street.  I may re-read Poker Nation, which I remember really enjoying.

Yes, PokerMoments has a lot to look forward to in 2007.  So to all you readers and writers of PokerMoments, keep on reading it, posting to it, commenting on it.  And whatever you do always avoid tilting.

Happy New Year

My predictions for 2007

– There will be a surge in Iraq and by 2008 things there will have improved.

– Neither the Phillies nor the Cubs will be in the World Series

– My cholesterol will be around 300

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year – Looking back and looking forward

  1. Yes, what was the return on that investment… Turning $4,500 or so into $350K+, after the required 7 years.

    But I guess that comment does make up for the grilled cheese dinner.

  2. Thanks for a lot of thoughtful, interesting stuff to read, Suber. Good luck with the site in 07. (And “Poker, not Prozac” would make a good book title.)

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