Hacker Steals $12 Million in Virtual Poker Chips

Don’t you think stuff like this happens all the time?

I mean, a computer hacker stealing virtual chips?

This time, the hacker was caught.

And he has admitted stealing $12 milion worth of poker chips from social gaming site Zynga.

His name is Ashley Mitchell of Paignton (in the UK) and he allegedly transferred 400 billion virtual chips into his account and sold them on the black market at a rate of 430 pounds per billion – which meant he stood to make around £184,000, having already made £53,000 when he was arrested.

Mitchell faces a substantial jail term for these offenses. This is a rare case in the UK courts whereby virtual goods have been treated with the same legal regulation and protection of real goods.

A U.K. prosectutor said that Zynga had not been deprived of goods in the same way as normal fraud because they could always issue more, but there was a knock on effect for the company if they lost legitimate gamers.

He argued that in theory, it was no different to stealing notes from the Royal Mint.

Interesting, huh?

Well, I think so.

What’s your opinion? Let me know.

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