Got an Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod? Now You Can Play Poker too (Except in U.S.)

It was only a matter of time before companies would devise apple compatible poker sites.

Now, thanks to Switchpoker.com, it’s ready to go.

Three-years in the making, Switchpoker.com allows online poker players to play real money poker on their iPads, iPods, and iPhones.

Of course, the site is web based.

Players can simply sign up for an account and start playing (and the first 250 players who register for an account using the bonus code 10free4me will receive 10 euros in chips free without having to make a deposit.

This is important: The site is now available ONLY to non-U.S. residents and hosts no-limit hold’em six-max ring games.

However the company is already working on expanding its geographical reach into the U.S. and adding sit ‘n’ go and multi-table tournaments, heads-up and nine-seat ring games, and fixed-limit hold’em and pot-limit Omaha tournaments in the future.

Conor McCarthy, co-founder of Switchpoker.com, said “As online poker players we were greatly frustrated by our inability to play real money poker using our Apple mobile devices. The solution proved deceptively simple – why not develop our own site compatible with Apple devices but not beholden to them.

“After a period of intense development Switchpoker.com is here and it offers the world’s first real money poker games for the iPhone & iPad. We’re thrilled to be setting the pace and look forward to making our site the gold standard of mobile poker.”

OK…that’s a lot of P.R. talk, but still, we’re awfully glad that some people around the world can play. And soon, possibly, players in the U.S.

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