Going Deep In a Tournament

Going deep in a tournament is usually termed as making the money. These days more and more people are classifying ‘going deep’ as doing a bit better and making the last few rounds of prizes.

First things first, let’s take a look at the strategy required to make it to the final stages of a tourney. If you have been able to run a table early on, picked up good reads on your opponents and built a healthy stack, you should be in a position to open up some avenues for the mid-stages.

Whilst it is usually impossible to go deep in a tourney without taking risks, you can minimize these risks by playing smart poker. The usual rules apply here: play as few hands out of position as possible, play with patience and don’t rush it, and don’t be the first to limp into pots. Value betting becomes so important in MTTs because you really need to be able to extract as much as you can from your opponents when you get the chance.

One thing to remember is that it is impossible to go deep in every MTT you play. You will get bumped out of plenty of tourneys, and that’s fine. You can learn from your defeats and adapt your play. Or if you go out with AA against a guy taking a pop at the pot with 48, there is nothing to learn except the cruel unpredictability of the internet poker player can hurt!

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