Give Me A 50% Cut Of Your Winnings, And I’ll Share This Clever Poker Tip With You

Here at PokerMoments, we sometimes share videos of poker games.  There are also televised games with both famous players and famously-great players playing.  This got me to thinking…

Do professional players ever watch these tapes after the game is over, not only to analyze their own play, but more importantly, to peek into how other players play?  As everyone’s cards are shown to the audience during play, I wondered if they could look back afterwards to find clues to how other players play… what they do with poor hands? when do they bluff? any tells that come out with great hands?

This could be a new strategy, giving them an extra edge into their competition’s play.

So what are your thoughts?  Would this give them an edge?  You televised players out there… have you ever done this?

If you try this, sshhhhhhhhh… I won’t tell.  Well, as long as you give me my 50% kickback!

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