Getting back into online poker

This weekend I was talking to a friend online when he asked if I had any money online still. I told him no, but it only takes 2 minutes and joined him in two 27 person tournaments. In the first one I lasted an hour and I lost on a coinflip when I was short stacked in 12th place. The other tournament though, well, let’s just say I did a lot better.

Early in the game I decided to take some of what I realized from my last post, Ben’s tight play preflop. I folded AJo preflop to small raises and didn’t get too aggressive with low pocket pairs, avoiding getting into pots that I didn’t have a distinct advantage. I ended up getting down to 5 handed and knocked out the 5th place player when it folded to me in the small blind. I had A10 and decided (since the big blind was the low stack) to simply put him to a decision for all of his chips. I raised 3000 with 300-600 blinds and my opponent called, a last ditch effort with Q9 to double up. I ended up winning with ace high and moving into the money.

Once into the money I noticed the player to my left was very aggressive. I raised from the small blind into his big blind with A4o and he immediately went all in. I folded and decided to wait for a better chance against such an aggressive player. A few rounds later I picked up KK in the same position. I raised like I did before and lo and behold he reraised 3x my raise. I decided to simply call and let him put in another bet on the flop.

The flop came out A J 4 … not exactly what I wanted, but I didn’t believe that he had an ace. As aggressive as he was I just didn’t give him that much credit. I checked and he bet out $1600. I raised all in for $4500 more and watched, hoping he didn’t call quickly and show me an ace. The longer he took the better and better I felt and he folded. I told him to stay out of the cookie jar, which got him pretty upset.

The very next round I picked up 99 from the button and raised. He went all in, and the big blind called! I called as well and saw a flop: Q J 9 … The big blind checked and I tried to isolate and bet 2/3 the pot, about $4500 and the big blind called! Now I was just hoping no K or 8 fell, but the turn was a 3. I went all in and the big blind folded giving me at least $9000 in the side pot. The aggressive small blind (who was all in) showed A8, drawing to an inside straight draw, but missed and I knocked out the 3rd place player and got closer to the chip leader.

I went into heads up almost 2-1 down but didn’t lose a single hand. My opponent loved to raise the minimum and I was happy to pay such a small price to see a flop. I hit a few flops and got him to bite. The last hand was a small raise from him and a call from me with J10. The flop came out J 4 4 and I bet out. He raised and I went all in, and he called almost immediately. He showed 88 and was drawing to 2 outs and missed and I took home 1st place for $50 ($5 buyin) and doubled my online buyin in my second tournament, not bad, hopefully this keeps up! Good luck!

I've been playing poker for almost four years now (well before it was legal for me, woops!) Besides poker I enjoy playing the guitar and I'm very enthusiastic about pursuing Dentistry as a career. I'm currently at The Ohio State Univeristy studying Microbiology, living with three of my close friends. I'm dating a lovely girl from Australia and am looking forward to the oppurtunity to study abroad over there as well.

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