From $5 to $564 – Am I turning into a poker shark?

I’ve won $564!!!  You heard me.  $564!!!!  And it all started with a measly $5 no-deposit bonus at JonWoodGaming.

I didn’t win all of the $564 at JWG.  $464 was won at JWG, and as I’ve explained in a previous post much of this money – I would estimate about half – was won because there was a bug in their site.  The remaining $100 I won at Hold’em Poker.

I started playing at Hold’em Poker because I joined this site called Emperesspoker, where you get paid to click on links to poker rooms (I know pathetic).  You get $5 for joining the site and you need to click on $195 worth of links in order to get any money from them (you can click on about $.5 worth of links a day).  You also need to become a real money player at one of their affiliated poker rooms, such as Hold’em Poker.

I am quite averse to depositing any of my own money into a poker room, especially since my track record in poker rooms prior to JWG hasn’t been stellar.  But I figured that I could justify a deposit of $25, given my success at JWG.  And I’m glad I made this decision.  Until last night, when I lost about $8, I’ve won money every day at the site since I’ve joined, and I think that this winning streak has been going on for about three weeks, playing almost every day.

When I play at Hold’em I almost always play at the $.1/.1 no-limit tables, where the maximum number of players is five.  I usually start with $10, the maximum you can start with at one of these tables.  If I start out winning, then I let myself play until I get bored, which is about an hour or so.  However, I typically start out losing.  I then resolve that if I can get back to at least a 1$ up, I will quit, and I have been amazingly successful at doing this.

Of course, this approach doesn’t allow for making too much money, and that is in large part why I’ve won only $100 at the site.  But playing this way makes it such that I won’t play forever.  And I think that it also helps me to win money more consistently.  I notice that when I try to keep on winning, I get greedy, and as a result, I often make poor, costly decisions.

Playing poker at Hold’em is quite different from playing poker at JWG.  At Hold’em the hands move much more quickly, there is no chatting, there are many many more players and different types of tables you can play at.  It is a much more polished and typical type of poker room.  This is not to say that I prefer it over JWG.   If I’m not in a rush and I want to chat and have a friendly type of game, I go to JWG.  If I just want to play a lot of hands, and I’m in the mood for an effecient poker experience, then I go to Hold’em.

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