What Does Freeroll Poker Mean?

In poker, freeroll has two distinct meanings.  The first applies to the play of a single hand and the other describes an entire poker tournament.  In this article on online poker freeroll will just be looking a the meaning which applies to the play of a single hand.

So what is online poker freeroll hand?

It is when you are playing a particular hand of poker a freeroll is a situation that will arise (often when only 2 players are left in the game) and before the last card has been dealt.  This is a game in which one player is guaranteed to at least split the pot with his opponent no matter what the final cards are.  But there is also a chance that he can win the whole pot if the final cards are dealt in a certain way.  Often this mostly occurs during a high-low split game.  This is when one player knows that he is guaranteed a low hand and that his opponent will not be able to make a better low no matter what card is dealt.  But this same player who is low might also possibly catch a lucky card which gives him a straight or flush which means he can win high as well.

Also a player who knows he has a freeroll can raise the pot with impunity and so very often a less skilled opponent who feels he has a good hand but does not realize that he is on the wrong end of a freeroll will continue to raise.  Unfortunately for him there will be no chance of any possible gain at the end of the hand.

In the poker game of Hold’em it is possible for you to know you have a freeroll without actually seeing your opponent’s cards.  If after the turn of the board you find you have two aces and two kings (all of separate suits) and you hold the AK then you are guaranteed a split at minimum.  However if you find that there is a possibility of getting four of a kind (nuts) then you are guaranteed the winning hand if an ace of king should come out next.

So as you can see online poker freeroll can be an interesting game and may be should investigate a little further and see what the various online casino’s and poker rooms have to offer.

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