How do you find a free poker tournament?

Well, it is possible. They are call Freeroll tournaments. They’re exactly the same as any other kind of poker tournament except you don’t pay a fee to join them.

They are big business on the web. Anything that’s free tends to attract people. Attract enough freebie seekers and you’ll likely also get some money, especially when there’s a game like poker involved where people stand to win cash.

There is some prize money on offer, although it’s not in the same league as a paid-for game. But the cost of entry is zero, you get a chance to hone your poker skills and maybe even win the prize. So the low prize money isn’t necessarily an issue.

The prize may even be entry into the next level of the competition, where there are higher prizes at stake or even an entry into a real-world poker tournament.

A lot of poker players use free poker tournaments so that they can gain free entry into more major tournaments with the aim of winning larger sums of money without it costing them a cent.

Sometimes the prize is in the form of points that can be used towards entry fees in other tournaments.   So you can see there are more ways to skin this cat and you can use free-roll tournaments to help your poker game progress rather than merely using them to learn how to play the game.

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