Free Money to Play Poker Online

I’m always looking for opportunities to play online poker without having to pay any money.  I recently found such an opportunity at PokerSourceOnline.  They’re this affiliate that gives you stuff – eg poker books, poker chips, poker tables – if you sign up with an online poker room that they sponsor.  I believe that to get the stuff you have to play a certain amount of raked hands at the poker room. But I’m not sure how it works, because I don’t need stuff.

PSO also offers an opportunity to get real money for FREE if you sign up with either Titan or Party, and you don’t even have to give your credit card information.  What a deal!  Of course, there’s a catch, namely you have to play a certain amount of raked hands in order to cash out your money.   But this beats playing for play money any day of the week, and the more experience the better.

I signed up with Titan, because I already have a Party account, and if you have an account with either place, then you’re not eligible for the deal.  I got $50 (it took about 5 days before the money got into my account, but they warn you that it takes this long in advance), and then I had to play enough hands to accumulate 4500 Titan points.  I’ve been playing the last two days for about 8 hours at the $0.50/$1 tables and I’ve accumulated about 325 points.  I’ll let you do the math to figure how long it will be before I can get paid, so to speak.

That’s assuming,of course, that there will be any money left in my account when I get to the 4500 tp mark.  As of now, I’m down to my last $10.  I don’t think I’ll be in for much more.  You’ll find out tomorrow.

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