Financially Strapped California Considering Legalization of Online Poker

I guess when you’re broke, you’ll do anything.

That holds true for states as well as people.

Take California, one of our coolest, trendiest states.

Now, they are holding hearings on the merits of regulating online poker.

It’s about time.

“i think it is workable and a potential source of new income,? said State Sen. Dean Florez (D-Shafter). “how you structure it is the key.?


The Morongo Band of Mission Indians and the Commerce Casino are two entities in a group of gaming-associated groups who are calling for regulation. Both the Morongo tribe and Commerce hope to operate online poker websites if the legislation became law.

“about one million Californians are playing poker offshore right now,? said Patrick Dorinson, a spokesperson for Morongo, referencing the popularity of current online poker sites that serve American players.

We’re not saying this could lead to the legalization of Interstate poker. That possibility seems a long way off.

But kudos to California for recognizing that people are playing and why not reap some of the financial rewards from them doing so.

I hope California sets a trend for other progressive states.

Don’t you?

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