Exposed: I’m a calling station…

Be harsh with yourself at times.” – Seneca

“Hi, I’m Kazana and I’m a calling station.”
“Hi Kazana.”

When I started my self-analysis, I already assumed that I’d have a too high WTSD ratio. What I didn’t foresee, though, was that my overall aggressiveness (or rather lack thereof) would be so low. Paired with a under par W$SD, it makes me the perfect calling station – ironically the type of player I love because they can’t seem to get rid of any beaten hand.

But let’s just get back to the beginning. During my extensive analysis I uncovered 7 major leaks, some of them are connected, though. Here’s the list:

  1. I truly suck at No-Limit (avg BB/100 of -18 over 2500 hands). As of immediately, I’ll stick to limit. So for the other points, I’m only going to look at limit stats.
  2. I’m too passive pre-flop (PFR of 5.1)
  3. I go to the showdown far too often (WSD of 44)
  4. I don’t win at the showdown often enough (W$SD of 47)
  5. My overall AF is too low (1.1)
  6. I don’t attempt to steal often enough (AttSt of 8.8)
  7. I’ve been playing too many different levels (4 different levels in NL, 4 different levels in Limit)

It’s plain to see that I truly shouldn’t touch No-Limit ring games for now. Getting to the showdown with the second-best hand just is too expensive. In limit that passive behavior doesn’t get punished as badly as in NL. Strange enough, my game seems to be either better at or better suited for SNGs where I’ve got a ITM ratio of 48% and a ROI of over 50% – but I might only be running hot there. For now, I’ll only stick to one game at two levels: Limit .02/.04 and .05/.10.

In limit ring games, my two main concerns are my timidness and the fact that I’m too willing to get that “miracle card” with marginal holdings. I thought way too often that someone’s only bluffing. This led to these devastating stats.
I will not assume someone’s bluffing anymore, unless I’ve got bulletproof evidence or a great read. Neither will I limp preflop and call postflop with the goodies – raise, reraise and fold are my new middle names.
I got some good advice by someone in the 2+2 forums who said as long as I think I’m ahead I should never consider calling, my first options should be raising or folding. And the latter only if the resistance indicates that I’m not ahead anymore.
This should put me in a better position and increase my overall winning rate while simultaneously taking care of my aggression factor and WTSD ratio. And by adjusting my play in this manner, my stats should get into acceptable ranges all by themselves.

The only point I’m not going to address immediately, is my low stealing rate. I’d rather focus on the other leaks first. At my low levels, fixing the major leaks should make me a winning player all by itself. And besides that, I’m still not confident enough to take a stab at the blinds without a hand that can clearly beat any two random hands.

I’ll keep track of how my stats change and make sure I let you know what happened after implementing my new credo. But first, I need to gather more hands of the new Kazana…

2 thoughts on “Exposed: I’m a calling station…

  1. (in no limit)

    I’ve experimented with both styles. I tried playing passively and aggressively before. Any style with just one characteristic, simply wasn’t enough for me.

    I ended up getting rivered again and again for calling too much and actually turned players into calling stations when I kept trying to outplay everyone.

    One of my recent articles on QuickPokerTips.com addressed how you shouldn’t paly passively on pre-flop, that is if you’ve been sitting there for a while and trying to play deceptively by calling.

    One way that I tried to prevent too many showdowns is making a big bet on the turn. It’s usually twice the amount of the pre-flop raise. Then, the pot odds would not favor calling.

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