Experience Alone May Not Be Good Enough

Phil Hellmuth and Bertrand Grospellier are both captaining their respective teams when they face off for the Caesars Cup at the WSOPE in Cannes. Hellmuth will lead the American team and Grospellier will lead the European team.

Interestingly, Hellmuth has gone for experience while Grospellier has gone for youth and it is an experience that we want to explore here. Experience is very important in all walks of life and that includes poker. The old adage, “I have forgotten more than you know,” has its place but it cannot be used as the Holy Grail.

There are players who believe that experience alone will drag them through their most brutal poker encounters but this is simply not true. Experience is just one component in the poker machine. To rely on it purely on its own will be like trying to drive a car without any wheels.

Experience can lull you into a false sense of security. You may believe it is making you a winning player, when in fact you have just been lucky making poor plays that don’t belong in the modern game. So don’t use the experience as a factor when deciding whether or not you are a great poker player. Consider how you are playing in the moment. Have you been making the right decisions? Are you honest with your own assessment of your current game?

Phil Hellmuth may have a shock if he thinks experience alone is going to hand him the Caesars cup at this year’s WSOPE.

Written by Alex, who loves nothing better than heading online to tastybingo.com to play games whenever she gets the chance. She also enjoys blogging about her experiences to help her avid readers decide where they should be playing bingo!

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