Don’t Poker Issues Matter to Presidential Politicians?


About a week ago, I wrote to the presidential campaigns of Mike Huckabee, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, Dennis Kucinich, Fred Thompson and Ron Paul to find out about their views on poker (see here).  Specifically, I wanted to know whether they play poker and how they feel about the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) preventing banks and other financial institutions from allowing people to use funds to pay for online gambling.  So far I’ve received emails from the campaign teams of Clinton, Obama, Edwards and Huckabee, but haven’t learned anything about their views on my questions.  What then did I learn?

Here’s what Clinton’s team had to say:

Thank you for your message. I have received thousands of emails from people all over the country. Your comments are very important to me and I am excited that so many people are joining our conversation about how to change the direction of the country. Unfortunately, due to the high volume of comments, I am unable to respond to each email individually.

Expected, but disappointed.  The letter goes on to list some suggestions for how I can get involved in helping Clinton’s national campaign.   No, I don’t think so.  If the Clinton team is too busy to answer two simple questions that millions of people would like to know the answer to, then I don’t think that the Clinton campaign is worth working for.  Sorry, Hillary, you lost my vote.

Here’s what the Obama team had to say:

Thank you for contacting Obama for America.  The volume of messages we’re receiving has gone up since Barack’s victory in Iowa.  While we cannot respond individually to over a thousand messages per day, the level of interest and thoughtfulness of the comments reflected in these communications are very gratifying.  Your thoughts on our campaign and America’s future are greatly appreciated.

I guess my thoughts aren’t greatly appreciated enough.  Is the suggestion that if Barack had lost Iowa I might have received an answer to the questions?  Give me a break.   Sorry, Barack, but you’re campaign team has let you down.  Perhaps they’re not getting paid enough.  I’m not sure why they have a section of their website for questions if they have no intention of answering them.

The Edwards team didn’t answer my questions nor did they explain why they couldn’t answer them.  Rather they keep sending me Edwards propaganda.  I keep on replying to these spam emails, asking for the answers to my questions.   But, guess what?  No answer.  Surprise, surprise, surprise.  I’m beginning to think that there may be no human life on their end of this line of communication.

The Huckabee team wrote that they would make “every effort to respond to specific policy questions not addressed on [their] website in a timely manner.”  They have kept hope alive.

Do I expect to ever learn anything about these politicians poker positions from their campaign teams?  I’m not betting on it.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Poker Issues Matter to Presidential Politicians?

  1. Did you honestly expect any of the candidates to answer your questions? While having a sympathetic administration would be nice it is congress that actually gets things done. Well placed messages to representatives and senators are much more effective.

    J Davis

  2. I didn’t expect that any of the candidates themselves would give answers to my questions. But I thought that there was a chance that some volunteer on their teams would have something to say about their positions on the UIGEA. Do you think it is all automated, or that some people who work on the camapaigns actually read the questions that are submitted on their candidates’ websites? With Edwards team I think it is the former. I’m holding out hope that it is the latter with others.

  3. You did learn something. You learned that these candidates aren’t interested enough in the UIGEA to have a written position on it. If they did, you would have received that.

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