Don’t create your own losses

Some years ago I was experiencing “coolers” far more than what I do now. I used to blame these so called unfortunate incidents on the poker gods. The fact was though that it was me that was creating my own downfall so to speak. Like for example because I was a LAG in full ring then I would open raise from say middle position in my $50 and $100 ring games 888poker.

Raising from these positions with hands like 3c-3d often led to one of several events happening. These were that it would get folded around to the blinds who would also fold and I would win 1.5bb. The second most common scenario was to get called by a single player and they fold to a c-bet. This netted me around 5bb in profit. However sometimes in the multi-way pots where several players called then this was where I experienced difficulties.
The flop would come 10-6-3 rainbow and I would lead out and get raised and obviously I cannot fold. I eventually got all in for 100bb+ to then be shown a bigger set. However bottom sets only make money from two pair and one pair holdings but the players that have these hands do not stack off with them.

So I win small to medium-small pots with bluffs and sets and lose stacks when I am on the wrong side of a set over set cooler. In deep stacked play then the nuts and drawing to it is very important in no limit hold’em otherwise you will get to see more of the dreaded “cooler”.

Carl Sampson is an online poker player and poker ambassador for 888poker

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