Don’t become an idle poker studier

I have been playing less online poker of late but this is something that I am going to correct this year by hopefully playing more poker at my favourite poker site which is 888. Regular followers of my blogs and my ramblings will know that I have been spending more and more time last year trading on the betting exchanges. This can be very difficult especially in the week where there is less mug money available. There is a far greater percentage of professional money on the exchanges in midweek and that constitutes a problem for any trader looking to try and make money.

However the more that I studied poker then the more that I was drawn to other areas like psychology and electronic trading so that it would help me play better poker! This then developed into an interest in game theory as well. So to really evolve as an online poker player means having in-depth knowledge of other areas and it is important for any online poker player not to get bogged down by using strategies that are no longer working or to be stuck on sites and networks with very little liquidity and therefore action.

In my mind then players struggle to make money in online poker in several key areas. Firstly they are too eager to move up to higher levels and this isn’t always the Holy Grail that they think it is. Secondly, many players in my opinion simply stay on the same site for far too long. This in my mind has a detrimental effect on players earn rate. I think that there is a delicate balance between the value of your tracker data and player notes and the fact that other players are using the same data against you.

In my opinion, then it becomes very important to be able to change sites or at least have the chance to do so and be able to move to sites with good player numbers. This serves two distinct functions, firstly it freshens up your operation by basically making redundant all of the notes that your opponents have on you. There is another way and that is to play on the site under another account name but that is neither ethical nor allowed by the sites rules and regulations. The second one is that it also allows you to take advantage of the sign-up bonuses of other promising sites as well.

Carl Sampson is an online poker player and poker ambassador for 888poker

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