Does Golf and Poker Click Together?

The games of golf and poker both require concentration and mental skills. But can they really go together?

This was the challenge posed by Dusty “leatherass? Schmidt when he proposed a $1 million prop bet for a game of golf and poker. The huge prize money was up for grabs to any player who can beat Schmidt over 72 holes and 10 heads up matches. The challenge was exciting alright but it cost Schmidt his treasured golf status.

For organizing the golf and poker challenge, Dusty Schmidt lost his amateur status in the golfing world. It was the U.S. Golf Association (USGA) that made the decision to revoke his status. The organization earlier sent emails to Schmidt warning him of such status revocation. But there was a consolation that Schmidt can still reapply for an amateur status not now but later.

The player, for his part, is bent on seeking a preliminary injunction from the U.S. District Court in Portland and playing in the golf events in his hometown of Oregon. Schmidt is also advocating the holding of professional golf events in Oregon for an opportunity to play competitive golf without leaving his family.

So far, Schmidt has already paid his registration fees to play in the summer events and has already missed several important competitions. Golf tournaments in Oregon normally take place from May until October.

Schmidt claims to have been a victim of a wrong advisory opinion stressing that he didn’t do anything wrong. But the USGA says the player served his own interest when he promoted his golf and poker challenge for two months.

So who is at fault here? You be the judge.

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