Disputed $500,000 Win

Online poker is one of the biggest and most popular casino games available online today. It offers massive pay-outs from the comfort of your front room.

With over 50 million players worldwide with operators like Manor Gaming mobile casino, there are many unbelievable success stories to inspire you!

In 2010, one of the most incredible online poker stories surfaced. Aashish Nanak from Chandigrah, India, won half a million dollars in an online poker tournament. Although many players can lay claim to winning prizes of this size, how many can say they won half a million dollars at the age of eight?

The eight-year-old boy was first introduced to computers at the age of three and can be described as a computer genius. By the age of four he was building his own websites and by the age of six, he had developed an interest in online poker.

Using his uncle’s poker account Aashish managed to win half a million dollars.

His mother stated: “he has always loved the internet and computers, he started his own web pages when he was only four years old, he is a very clever boy.?

The anonymous poker room where Aashish won refused to pay out the winnings due to the age of the prodigy. However, the Nanak family claim that the poker website knew about the boy’s real age because staff members there called the boy the “little poker wizard”.

Aashish had also managed to win and collect smaller amounts of money from the same website, getting paid through a PayPal account set up by his uncle.

The poker website went on to block Aashish’s account and is now embroiled in a legal battle with the boy’s family in front of a New Delhi court.

The outcome remains to be reported.

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