Defeated at CDPoker

I lost all my money at CDPoker today.  I had been given $50 from them for free with no deposit by signing up with them through PokerGlitch.  As usual, I was up in the beginning – about $40 – but then, as usual, I lost it all very quickly.  I’m not sure what goes wrong.  I think I play a little too loose when I’m up and then when I start going downhill I start chasing straights and flushes.  But I really don’t know.  Thank goodness it isn’t my money.

I think I would have had to have played hundreds of days at CDPoker before I could have cashed any of the money out.  So their “free” money is quite difficult, to put it mildly, ever to obtain.  Nevertheless, I treated it like it was real, and it made the experience fun.

So far I’ve used the following free money no deposit required deals:

– Party (I forgot how much they have given me, but it has been at least $40)

– Titan (through PokerSourceOnline) ($50)

– Pit Bull ($10)

–  Dream Poker ($10)

– Poker.com (through Leet Poker) ($50)

– CDPoker (through PokerGlitch) ($50)

I just noticed that there is a new site called Teen Patti Party (what a name) which gives $5 without requiring a deposit.  I’ll have to check it out, and when I lose this money, I’ll return to freerolls.

3 thoughts on “Defeated at CDPoker

  1. Interesting. I have never heard of “Gambler’s ruin”. I’m not sure I understand it. How would it explain my initial winnings when my bankroll is considerably smaller?

  2. It doesn’t. It just says that random variation being what it is ,you’re likely to have swings of a certain magnitude for a given bet size and bankroll. With time, one of those swings is increasingly will cross zero. The swings will also cross 2X ( i.e. if you’re evenly matched, you’re as likely to have double as nothing) but that doesn’t end your session. It’s all part of the larger subject of money management or bankroll management that is worth learning.

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