Day 4 at i4 – Grrrrrrrrrrrrr

Lost again! I played for about a 1/2 hour and didn’t win a single hand, not one.  Besides calling a few preflop hands that I should have folded on, and playing a few hands a bit too conservatively, I don’t think I made any horrible calls.  It is very frustrating. 

After losing early yesterday, I spent much of the day day dreaming about today and how much my luck would change – would have to change – and that I’d have a full fun day of poker playing and making my comeback.  But noooo. 

After losing it all (5 quid) this morning, I was this close to buying some more chips.  I’m still thinking about it.  Yes, I’m totally weak, and I probably have a problem, but I don’t care.  It’s so much fun to play.  Can you really have a problem with a vice if you don’t mind it?  I figure that by writing this post, I’ll get some of my frustrations out, and this will restrain me until tomorrow.  But that’s so far away. 

I know what you’re thinking, “For God’s sake, it’s only 5 quid, which is about 8 dollars.  Stop whining and just play some more”.  But it’s not the money.  Well, it’s not entirely about the money.  There is some principle involved.  I’m testing a theory.  I’m furthering knowledge.  Blah, blah, blah.

I have about 21 quid left.  This means I can lose 4 1/5 more days in a row, and if I do, I will then certainly learn a new principle, namely that I really have no idea why I win when I win and why I lose when I invariably lose.

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