Danish Poker Players Urged to Pay Tax

Responsible citizens of any country should pay their taxes promptly. Big income earners should all the more be responsible in paying their taxes to their respective governments. It is never a good attitude to ignore your obligations.

In Denmark, poker players are among the people required to pay taxes on their winnings. The country’s tax authority, SKAT, has even launched a new guide to encourage these players to be more responsible.

A new study done by SKAT revealed that 30 Danish poker players have not filed their income tax returns amounting to a whopping 20 million kroner. The study was conducted with the goal of raising awareness among poker players of their obligations to the government. The findings led to the creation of tax guidelines especially targeted towards poker players. A SKAT official, Carsten Grongaard, pointed out that although the players have been cooperating with them, many were confused as to which of their earnings they should declare and which are levied with taxes.

Winnings earned in poker are normally taxable in Denmark. An exception is when the money was won in another EU or EEA country. Winnings gained in another country can be tax free as long as the poker operator is authorized by the concerned government agency involved in the gaming industry.

Denmark has produced several internationally renowned poker players such as Gus Hansen, Mads Anderson, Theo Jorgensen, Jan Sorensen and Martin Wendst. Hansen is the most famous of them all having earned millions of dollars in earnings plus three World Poker Tour winnings.

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