DAMN I’m a stud!

That’s right, stud poker is once again the object of inquiry here on poker moments. I have said many times before that the first serious poker games I played were 7-card stud and it stands to this day as one of my favorites.

I read an interesting little article that reminded me of some of the reasons why I like it so much. It has different dynamics than hold ’em which make it challenging for the uninitiated. It basically boils down to the amount of information a player has: LOTS!

Think about it. How many cards do you see in a hold ’em game? Only the cards that will be available to comprise your hand, a maximum of 7. In stud, you will see more than that before you’ve even made your first bet. Poker is a game of ferreting out information. The more you have, the better your position. The lack of it is the challenge with hold ’em. Conversely, 7-card stud is an embarrassment of riches. So many cards are thrown out and then pulled from view when players fold, that it is hard to keep track of all the information you have. It’s relatively easy to just remember general odds for particular draws in hold ’em, but all the cards flying around in Stud make it far more difficult. Your straight draw can be an easy call or an instant muck but only if you noticed what everybody else folded behind you.

So stop playing ‘the cadillac of poker” once in a while and try out an entirely diffferent poker skill set. Any good athlete cross trains and so should a good poker player. Even if this article did, to my chagrin, claim that it is an old man’s game.

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