Costliest Book on Poker

If you fancy poker and would like to learn more about playing this famous card game, then maybe you”d want to buy a book. There’s a new poker book entitled “let There Be Range? but the price may surprise you. Each book costs a $1,850 making it the most expensive book on poker.

The book is authored by two young and highly successful online poker players, Tri Nguyen known as the ‘slowhabit? and Cole South known as “cTS.? Interesting topics included are combinatorics, common low/mid stakes leaks, explotability, line variations, naked range and polarization in practice. Originally, “let There Be Range? began as an e-book but it will be published in print soon.

According to the young authors, the book was written based on how they perceived the game of poker. They’re promoting it as the best poker educational tool today.

Professionals in the poker world do not recommend the book to everyone, though. With its expensive price, one should really think twice before buying it. Those who should be purchasing this book are the successful poker players who wish to advance to higher levels. At least, if you’re already in the higher stakes category, you can easily recover the investment.

But on the other hand, players on lower stakes who are bent on pursuing the poker game full time in the future can always get a copy for their reference. If you have enough personal savings and have other sources of income, spending for the book may be worth it. Who knows, you may just start winning after reading the “let There Be Range? book.

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