Chasing It at Full Tilt Poker


After waiting about a month, I got my $50 no deposit bonus through YourPokerCash to play at Full Tilt Poker.   I had already received a $50 no deposit bonus through YPC to play at Ultimate Bet, which only took me about a week to get, but I had lost that money, and I wanted more action.

I’m not sure why it took so long to get the bonus money to play at Full Tilt Poker; it was only supposed to take about 7 business days.  Everytime I would write to YPC I would get an immediate response from them saying that my request was being processed and that it should only take a few more days, thanking me for my patience.

I’m not upset with YPC for the delay.  In fact, I think that YPC is a great site if you’re interested in no deposit bonuses, because I eventually did get the money to play in both online poker rooms, over $100, and their email support is excellent.   So a shout out to YPC!

Full Tilt is a pretty decent online poker room.   I’d even consider playing at the site with my own money.  Their smallest stakes for NL Hold’em is $0.05-0.10, which is my speed.   Not only did they facilitate the $50, I would get additional $$$ (increments of $5, up to $50) after playing a certain number of raked hands.   In the end, I had earned an additional $20 through this mechanism.   I never had to wait for a table at Full Tilt, and the graphic interface with avatars is pretty straightforward.

I did lose all the money I was given to play at Full Tilt, but I know why.  I was playing poorly, way too aggressively, overplaying too many hands, sitting down at a table with only $4, when I should have started with $10, chasing flushes and open-ended straights when the pot odds were not in my favor.  I was doing all the things that I have told my readers never to do when playing at these stakes.

I finally started playing tightly when I had about $20 left.  But it was really too late.  The damage was done.  I did make an amazing little comeback when I was down to my last two dollars, working my way back to about $25, with the help of those $5 extra bonuses I mentioned above, and I fluctuated between $20 and $10 for several days.  But I couldn’t hold on, and about 30 minutes ago I lost it all.

Of course I’m bummed when I lose it all.  But in a way I’m kind of glad that it’s over.  I kind of felt as if I was losing control, playing way too many hours, getting really upset when someone called me a “donk” after he beat me, and not getting any of my work done.  My 11-year old daughter asked to play with me near the end,when I only had a few dollars left, and I told her in annoyed tone to stop bothering me, for which I now feel guilty.  I was felt a little like Tony Soprano in the episode of Sopranos called “Chasing It” which focused on his gambling problem.

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