Celebs you might not know were Poker Players

There are plenty of people across the globe who play Poker in their free time, some in their friend’s backroom, some at an online casino, and this love of the game extends even to the rich and famous. With the extra bankroll, it’s probably no surprise so many of them have gained a reputation as a player of note. Here are a few of the lesser known ones you may not have heard about.

Aaron Paul – Yep, Jesse from Breaking Bad is also a keen Poker Player. He competed in the PokerStars Championship Bahamas and put in a solid showing and a great performance. He didn’t end up winning, busting out on Day 2, but he gave an impressive performance and exemplified the crossover of skills actors and poker players have.

Ian Flemming – Might not be much of a surprise given his most famous character is the star of Casino Royale but the game in the book was Baccarat and the character is also known for having a Roulette strategy he stuck to. Flemming was a fan of poker but confessed to not being very good at it since he had too much of a preference for smoking and drinking to ever be good at the game.

Michael Phelps – We’ll abstain from making any fish jokes, because the Olympic swimmer is apparently a pretty skilled player! He placed 3rd at a tournament he took part in at the Aria Resort and casino and, while he’s unlikely to become more famous for playing poker than he is for being an exceptional swimmer, he’s starting to make a name for himself.

Ryan Reynolds – While filming the Mississippi grind, Reynolds learned a great deal about how to play Poker and hired a mentor so he could get better at the game and bring it into his performance. Reynolds was at least honest about his play and admitted he wasn’t a very good player but his show of confidence was enough to throw off some more experienced players.

Ben Affleck – This one’s a little more obvious given it was big news when it came out, but according to Molly Bloom, Ben Affleck was one of several famous actors who took part in an underground game of Poker in Hollywood. She even went as far as to describe his style as being a smart gambler who player well and kept his losses down. Aside from Ben Affleck, she names a number of other famous people including Matt Damon and Alex Rodriguez.

Tobey Maguire – Another from Bloom’s game, but Tobey deserves his own spot on the list as his alleged behaviour is so surprising. In her book, Bloom says that Maguire is both a great player and a terrible loser who could talk someone off of a good hand. Not exactly what you’d expect from the Spiderman star.

Victoria Coren-Mitchell – OK, you’re probably going to know this one since it’s debatable if she’s a celebrity who plays poker or a Poker playing celebrity. She’s 35th on the England All time money list and has come first in multiple tournaments over the years in addition to hosting Only Connect and writing several books.

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