Casinos or Poker Rooms?


Above pictured you see Atlantic City, gambling mecca of the Northeast. It does not have the glits and glamour reputation of Las Vegas. But, for the working man playing poker who doesn’t have a big enough name or reputation to get on ESPN or cameos in movies, this is poker city.

I am fortunate enough to be a New Jersey resident and so have easy access to the litany of poker options good old AC has to offer. Although I don’t get over to the casinos as often as I would like, it is great to have the convenience there. Unfortunately, I will soon be moving out of my beloved homestate to the southern swamps of Florida.

I will lose my connection to the bright lights and seedy underbelly that I’ve always known. How will I keep my skills sharp? Can home games alone sufficiently keep my keen instincts in tune. (a subject for a future discussion perhaps?). There are Indian casinos but from what I’ve heard they aren’t good places for poker.

There is an upside however. Florida has a good number of poker rooms. I have only played in one once so I don’t really have a good feel for what they are like. The one I played in happenned to be a closed down dog track (dog racing being huge in Florida from what I can gather). It didn’t seem much different than a casino poker room so perhaps I’ll get just as good games down there as I would up here.

They also seem to be a lot quieter and because they are dedicated exclusively o poker, they offer as much as any casino I’ve seen. They seemed to have just about every game and no shortage of tournaments both large and small. I guess I shall see when the time comes.

If anyone out there has any experience or tips they would like to share please do.

Later this week… Shatner part Deux

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