Casino: land or online?

When it comes to casino games, we all know how fun and entertaining an experience it can be. Traditionally, the land casino was king, with the whole experience of going to a casino with some friends, playing some casino games and having one or two drinks really difficult to beat on a weekend. However, with the emergence of the internet came the rise of the online casino, with players able to sit at home and play their favourite games like fruitautomaat or roulette without having to brave the cold or make awkward conversation with those one or two weird players who you can guarantee you’ll find at your average land casino.

However, now that both are really popular, which one is better? Well, online casinos tend to offer loads of bonuses, with land casinos usually unable to replicate this sort of offering. Online casinos can pass on savings that they make from rent and maintenance in the form of bonuses to their customers. Also, the freedom of being able to play from home makes online casinos hugely attractive. You can wear whatever you like, eat whatever you like, and drink whatever you like in the privacy of your own home.

Furthermore, traveling to a land casino clearly costs money and in the recession this isn’t always a sensible option that many can contemplate.

Some of the downsides include the trust issue that doing anything online entails. Online transaction are always going to viewed by some as a bad idea, so land casinos remove that element. The element of visibility that land casinos offer can be a massive pull.

At the end of the day, the ultimate choice comes down to personal preference and most times you’ll be guaranteed a whole load of fun no matter which option you choose!

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