Can you still turn pro at online Poker?

As an online professional player then many people have asked me down the years how I do it. The answer is quite simple and it is simply to treat your online poker as if it were a business. For example, no business would throw away or discard free money but yet this is what untold millions of online poker players the world over do every single day. Ignoring the sign-up bonuses and rakeback that sites offer you is akin to setting fire to money. I know some online pro’s that make thousands of dollars a month in rakeback.

It is not hard to imagine two identical players and one makes $2000/month in rakeback playing full time while the other makes nothing. Clearly, the first player would be ahead by $2000 even if they only broke even on the actual tables themselves. Also, I am often astounded by how many online poker players do not play poker at the best times of the day. In European time zones for example then after 6 pm is the best time to play up to and around 1 am. This is because there are far greater numbers of serious players that are active during the day.

So simply taking advantage of free money and altering the hours that you play is something that literally anyone can do. Also, it is far easier to make money multi-tabling lower levels like say at the $50 level in no-limit Texas hold’em instead of playing a single table where the buy-in is $400. The first level will have loads of recreational players while the second level will not have any easy money and is probably going to be full of regulars, pro’s and semi-pro’s which isn’t conducive to making money. So the bottom line is that you can improve your earn rate by focusing on the smaller but all so important details.

Carl Sampson is an online poker player and poker ambassador for 888poker

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