Build Your Own Poker Table: Construction

Welcome back to the New Yankee Workshop. today we will be completing our poker table project.

I may not be Norm Abrams but if you follow these instructions you will have yourself a nice casino sized poker table to make home games a lot more fun. The first step is to go back to the previous post on getting this project started. Here’s a link. Now that you have that much, we’ll jump right in with the rest.

Draw a line down the middle of the plywood creating two 4 by 4 squares. Place the screw in the exact center of one of the squares. Tie your string around the screw. The distance from the center to the straight edge of the board is the radius of your circle. Tie your pencil to the end of the string at this length from the screw. When you hold the pencil taught on the string it should be resting on the exact edge of the board. Use this to draw a circle with a 4 foot diameter (2 foot radius). Repeat on the other side.

If you want to get fancy like we did then you can even cut out a dealer slot. Keep your string the same length. You will be doing the same circle drawing trick but with the fixed point of your string 1 foot 8 inches from the center of the long side of the board. When pull taught the pencil should rest 4 inches in from the edge at the center of the long side of the board. Now when you draw your circle you should have a curve on the side of the board that is 4 inches deep at its furthest point and about 2 feet wide. It needn’t be very large.

Now you can cut the excess off of the board with your saw. Bevel the edges with your power sander so that there are no sharp corners.

Once the board is nice and smooth on all edges you are ready to attach the carpet padding to the top with whatever type of adhesive you would like. We used contact cement and it worked great. This padding will give you the softness underneath the felt. Trim the sides so the padding is beveled along with the top of the board using your razor. Carpet padding cuts like butter with a good sharp razor but they dull fast. A dull razor will chop up the padding leaving lumps under the felt. It may take three razors to get a nice cut around the entire perimeter.

Now pull your felt tight over the padding and attach it underneath with staples. Make sure to get it nice and tight and fold under the edges of the cloth before stapling so they aren’t dangling. You don’t want to give players something to tug at under the table.

For legs we just used a couple of old saw horses but attaching some dedicated legs is self explanatory enough; it is, therefore, left as an exercise to the reader. We thought about adding cup holders but decided we didn’t want people spilling on our fresh table so side tables would be in order if you are similarly fastidious. We didn’t attach any bumpers but if I ever do I’ll certainly let you all know the procedure.

Sorry I don’t have any pictures right now but I will try to get some up in the future. If I’m ever ambitious enough to try this again I’ll take pictures while its under construction to supplement this little how to guide. It was a lot of fun to build and I recommend it to anyone who has an after noon to have fun in the garage.

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