Bluffing Against The Fish

For many people who live on the edges of the poker world, they have a different perception of the game. Most of these people believe it is all about bluffing. Maybe they actually have a point? For those less educated the bluff is a thing of beauty. It is machismo at its testosterone powered best. For the more educated of us we realise that bluffing just wastes money, especially if used at the wrong time and against the wrong opponent.

There is no bigger leak in your game than the one where you consistently bluff against someone who is not going to lay a hand down. There are players who just cannot hand read very well. These types of players are going to hit KQ2 flops and are just never laying down a queen irrespective of what action you take. You know this but because in your mind you are the better player you convince yourself that you cannot lose a hand against them. If you do not have the actual hand then the only way to win it is to bluff. It is silly because no sooner do you make the bluff than you are castigating yourself for doing it. You knew he would never lay that hand down so why did you even try?

It is an interesting psychological problem and one that you need to spend some time trying to resolve. So next time you plan a fancy bluff against a fish at your table ask yourself this simple question: is he going to fold? If the answer is a big fat no then don’t do it. Saving wasted money is the same as winning good money – remember that!


Written by Alex Corcoran, a keen Poker player. She mainly contributes to poker sites like this one but now and again she does play on Posh Bingo games so does write bingo articles as well.


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