2nd Annual Freeroll Bloggers’ Tournament

1756th PLACE –

Not much to crow about. There were something like 2200 entrants. I lasted for about an hour. I played with my Pokerbility tool. One of the first few hands I had a boat, Tens over Jacks. Unfortunately, this other guy had the exact same hand. I had a feeling that this was a sign that this wasn’t going to be my day. And then the costly mistake…

I had about $1500 in chips (we all started with $2000), and I was dealt KTo. I was in late position, and I should probably have folded pre-flop, but I have a weakness for Kings. Anyway, the flop was a King and two other seemingly inconsequential cards, all of different suits. No straight or flush worries. This other guy and I were betting big, but not crazy. He finally went all-in and I followed the advice of my Pokerbility tool, which was to raise, so without thinking I went all in as well. Mistake!!! The other guy’s hole cards were K7o. Initially, I thought I won, my ten kicker out kicking his 7 kicker. But, alas, it turned out that one of the seemingly inconsequential flop cards was also a 7. Doh! He had two pairs, Kings and Sevens, and all I had was a pair of Kings.

I had a a lot of fun at this years’ WBCOOP, and I can’t wait until next year to play in it again. Thanks PokerStars.

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