Bill Frist – Annoying Hypocrisy

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist was one of the leading proponents of the recent piece of legislation that was just passed in the House and Senate that forces banks and credit card companies to refuse payments to offshore gambling sites.

It is clear that Mr. Frist is good at expressing concern about what he thinks is the problem with gambling.  He says, for example, “Gambling is a serious addiction that undermines the family, dashes dreams and frays the fabric of society.”  You can read this quote here.  Hmmm… What I’d like to ask Mr. Frist is why if he feels this way about gambling did he take contributions from Harrahs in ’98 and 2000.  Did he recently have a change of heart about gambling?

Did he not realize that gambling takes place at Harrahs?  Or is he just being one big annoying hypocrite?  I bet I know the answer.  But I fear making such a bet, because in doing so, I might undermine my family or dash a dream or fray the fabric of society.

Thanks Steve for pointing out this Frist hypocrisy.

9 thoughts on “Bill Frist – Annoying Hypocrisy

  1. This is the very reason that I’m going to be voting Democrat for the next few elections. The Republicans have become total phonies without account. I hope to help bring them to account.

  2. hypocrisy? I think you’re missing the fact that senator frist is doing his long-time supporter a favor by keeping gambling revenues in the US of A. As far as I know, the furthest a Harrah’s casino made it “offshore” was during Katrina

  3. Thickster,

    I’m not sure I see the relevance of your disanalogy (though I did find your “offshore” comment about Harrahs humorous). I’m all for keeping gambling revenues in this country. In fact, I think that this may be a good reason why online gambling should be encouraged to exist in the USA and regulated by our govt., not made more difficult to enjoy. It would be great if there were an online Harrahs poker room that was located in USA, maybe not in Louisiana. The hypoocrisy that I’m pointing out is that Frist (and Goodlatte) are ranting against gambling, how it’s destructive of our society, and yet they are in support of gambling when it’s in brick and mortar establishments. I have a feeling you already realize this.

  4. Though I do wonder if *online* gambling in particular is more addictive than the gambling activity in a casino.

    Perhaps Frist, as a physician, is aware of research that shows that online gambling is worse (for family, dreams, blah, blah, blah). Of course, my cynical bet is against this.

  5. My suspicion is that online gambling is probably more addictive than brick and mortar gambling, in large part because of the ease of access. If Frist made this point, then I’d be less annoyed.
    Moreover, if there were studies showing how bad online gambling is, then I’d be more sympathetic with Frist’s objections to the activity. But besides the occasional story you hear about a kid who goes full tilt and robs some bank because of his addiction to the game, I’ve not seen anything that supports the view that online gambling is so bad. I’m not saying that online poker is not addictive. I’m just saying that on the list of vices it ranks pretty low. And if there are studies showing the detrimental effects of online poker, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were similar studies showing how bad online lotteries and online horse betting are.

  6. Online poker may be more harmful because of the 24-7, instant-juice nature of the game but Frist isn’t singling out poker or online gaming. He is castigating gambling of all types and that’s why the hypocrisy charge sticks. I also don’t see him striking out against beer, pornos and other family-unfriendly activity.

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