Best Poker Odds Calculators

Poker is all about playing the odds, but most poker players aren’t mathematicians. There are dozens of poker odds calculators that have been developed over the years and we’re going to take a look at a few of the highest rated calculators and why you need one.

The goal in poker is to get your money in when you have an edge against your opponent, but most poker players don’t even bother looking at the odds to determine if they’re getting their money into the pot with a statistical edge against their opposition.

Free Poker Odds Calculators

  • 1. Holdem Genius

We like Holdem Genius because the tool is compatible with over 250 poker rooms including PokerStars, Full Tilt and many of the biggest poker sites. PokerStars is strict about the tools they allow, but Holdem Genius is allowed with the advice feature disabled. Holdem Genius instantly calculates the pot odds, hand odds, odds of making hands and odds of your opponent making a hand. The odds are presented in a neat HUD at the poker table and are updated in real time after each street.

Poker players can receive a free Holdem Genius license key by opening an account with a reputable poker site through HG. You just need to deposit $50+ to Party Poker, Titan Poker, 888 Poker, William Hill Poker or Betfair Poker using the HG links.

  • 2. Texas Calculatem

Texas Calculatem is a very advanced poker odds calculator that uses an amazing algorithm to determine probabilities. The tool will not only calculate basic odds like every other tool, but Texas Calculatem also provides advice based on the situation. The software takes into consideration your hole cards, playing style, fold depth and position before coming to conclusions. The algo also bases probabilities off of how your opponent has previously played similar hands, which gives you a nice edge.

Texas Calculatem is provided to poker players for free as long as you sign-up to a poker room they recommend. The software will work fine on over 250+ poker rooms. The only restriction is you can’t use the advice feature at PokerStars only.

  • 3. Poker-Edge

Poker-Edge we recommend for more advanced poker players that want to take their statistical analysis to the next level. The P-E software comes packed with five different tools including a fully integrated poker odds calculator. Some of the other tools packed with Poker-Edge include a table finder, notifications, player reports and more. Poker-Edge is fed by a huge database on over 1M poker players, so finding stats on your next opponent is a breeze with this software.The one downside to Poker-Edge is that it’s too advanced and restricted at many poker rooms. Poker-Edge is compatible with over 60 poker rooms on the Merge, iPoker. OnGame and Revolution networks. The cost for full access is $29.95/month, so it isn’t cheap.

If you want to learn more about poker odds calculators, you should visit AintLuck.com, a site dedicated entirely to online poker. You’ll be able to learn about the latest odds calculators, and more importantly, how to use those calculators to become a winning poker player.

Knowing the pot odds, hands odds, odds to hit the nuts, odds to have the best hand on the river and other statistical information is vital to being a successful poker player. Rather than worrying about doing the math, you can utilize one of these tools. I wish more poker rooms would develop in-house poker odds calculators for players to use like Carbon Poker. Carbon has a poker odds calculator that every player can utilize. The tool calculates win odds, pot odds, expected value, outs, player stats and more.

Until more poker rooms develop poker odds calculators that are built into the software poker players will have to rely on 3rd party poker software tools such as the tools we”ve described above. Since most tools are free there is no reason not to be using one.

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