Be Heads Up When It Comes To Final Two

Heads up poker takes place when there are only two of you at the table. You may be the final couple of players left in a poker tournament or you may be involved in a cash game where you are the only people to take up a seat. This scenario can, of course, also arise online with any of the popular poker operators listed on?

It goes without saying that your strategy in heads up poker should change from that of a full table. Due to the fact that there are only a maximum of two hands, it does not take something quite so strong to win it. A high pair becomes more desirable and will win a large majority of pots. This sounds obvious, but some poker novices will approach games of all sizes exactly the same, only to lose out financially in the long-term.

Usually in heads up poker, and particularly in a tournament, it will come down to one hand where both players fancy their chances. This will result in a large pot and may even develop in the two individuals going all in. This is obviously an exciting scenario for anyone observing the session, but remember that it pays to keep a calm, level head; whoever comes out on top of this will be rewarded significantly, but it could end up with you losing your whole bankroll if you fail to exercise an element of caution. Therefore, only do this if you have a strong indication that you are ahead at the table. Of course, you should only be getting involved in this situation to any extent in the first place if your bankroll allows it!

It is important to try and win as many blinds as possible during this format of the game to gain overall control on the table. If you have a chip advantage, you can afford to take more of a risk.

On some tables the blinds will increase after a certain length of time so once they do start increasing, you can’t afford to just concede them. Sometimes it is a case of trying to develop a hand with patience. If your opponent spots that you are not going into the middle much, they will try to capitalise on this. It is more than likely you are only playing with strength so it will become obvious and you may not be able to cash in on strong cards when you get them.

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