Bankers Busted in Hong Kong for Playing Poker

Did you know that playing poker in Hong Kong is illegal?

Well, it is.

And that’s what got”michael Tan Boon Suan, a Merrill Lynch banker, in trouble. He was busted along with seven others y for participating in an illegal game of Texas Hold ’em. The news of the bust came from the Wall Street Journal.

The game was run by two Hong Kong women and two Nepalese women, all in their 20s.

Tan Boon Suan is a 42-year-old licensed securities trader and corporate finance adviser for Merrill Lynch.

The others included a banker, two investment consultants, two company directors, a businessman and a bank teller.

Also, the proximity of Macau, ‘the Vegas of Asia,” which welcomes poker games and is right nearby Hong Kong and, just makes the seven look sloppy or lazy.

We think it’s a small time crime…but since it is illegal,’their punishment will be determined in a court appearance in August or September.

For now they’re out on $1,000 bail.

So next time you’re in Hong Kong, be safe. Don’t play poker.


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