Bad News and Good News

I just got an email from Hold’em Poker, the online poker room that I’ve been playing at and enjoying for the last couple of months, and it informed me that due to the recent anti-gambling bill, on November 6th, I won’t be allowed to play for real money any more.  Bummer.

Hold’em has been a good site for me.  I now have over $200 in my account there, after placing 7th in a Sept. 29th tournament in which I won $80.  If I cash out now, I will have won a total of around $250 from this poker room.  It’s a good site and I recommend it to all newbies.

On a positive note, I just received an email from professional poker player Jennifer Brown who has agreed to give an interview with PokerMoments.  She has just returned from Caesars Indiana playing the WSOP circuit events.  It is always exciting and fun to hear about poker from a serious experienced professional poker player.  I’m sure we’ll learn a lot from her advice and stories.  I expect at least one part of the interview to be posted in the next week.  Tune in.

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