Are Poker Affiliates Financially Futile?

According to Bill, at Bill’s Poker Blog, it is difficult for a poker blogger to make good money from poker affiliate programs. He figures that a poker blogger would need about 500,000 ad viewers to earn at most $150. How does he get these numbers? I’ll explain, but first I need to define some terms.

You have the clickers (the people who click on the affiliate’s banner ads), the downloaders (the clickers who download the poker programs), the rakers (the downloaders who generate money in rake).

Bill assumes that approximately .002% of ad viewers will be downloaders and that 20% of downloaders will be rakers. This means that for 500,000 ad viewers you get 2 rakers. Bill estimates that two rakers will generate $500 a month in rake, which means the affiliate gets at most $150, since the affiliate typically gets 20-30% of the monthly rake from the affiliate program.

Bill concludes that this small amount of money for these many ad viewers shows that poker affiliate programs are an “exercise in futility”. If Bill’s numbers are correct, and I’m not sure that they are, then he makes a strong case for doubting the financial force of affiliate poker programs.

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  1. Also there’s rumours about affiliates getting pulled into the vortex – since they make $ from the sites too.

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