Are Energy Drinks Worth It?

Poker may not require much physical activity but this game sure needs a lot of concentration, patience and energy. It’s a game of the mind and strategy and it’s a misconception that poker players don’t need a great amount of energy to be able to show their best performance. Just like the body, the mind in order for it to fully function well for several hours needs a boost of energy, too.

So what do poker players take to keep their minds up and running for longer periods? You bet, they drink lots of this energy drink. This is a reality today as evident in the recent World Series of Poker where players drank energy drinks at a record pace.

Experienced observers in the poker industry can attest to how a cold energy drink can recharge players who sit at the tournament tables for long hours or even for a whole day. The liquid is a big help as well especially for those who need to play on for two to three consecutive days. But unlike in the past when players had to use illegal drugs to keep them going in their games, this instant energy drink is legal and readily available thereby putting less stress on the competitors.

Caffeine is actually the secret ingredient used in making these energy drinks. But they contain higher levels compared to the usual coffee and may not be totally healthy when consumed very often such as during long hours of poker games.

So while it’s a good thing that this energy drink has been invented, moderation is still key to keeping your mind and body in a sound state.

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