Apparently, things are more random in The Netherlands

or maybe their poker players simply aren’t as good.

A Mathematics professor in The Netherlands is arguing the status of poker under Dutch law according to this article. The Dutch Betting and Gaming Act recognizes poker as a “game of chance” on par with other casino games. It is not clearly stated in the article what difference this would make, but it seems obvious that its status would change in some way, legally, by moving it from the roulette category to that of chess.

Professor Ben Van der Genugten along with Peter Borm used a simple formula which they believe shows poker’s inherent skill.

Skill = Learning Effect/(Learning Effect + Chance Effect)

Learning Effect is the difference between an experienced player and an inexperienced one. In games of chance, the Skill value is zero. There is no difference between any two players ability to win, leaving a dividend of zero. According to this formula, poker scores a 0.4 which is better than fantasy sports.

Not much else is said about the ratings but it is an interesting development and could potentially have effects on poker’s legal status as a game in other coutries if a precedent is set in the land of wooden shoes.

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