And then there were eight

Over the past day and a half the NBC Heads up Tournament has been whittled down to eight players, leaving:

McManus vs Ferguson
Seed vs Greenstein
Negreanu vs Sheikan
Forrest vs Farha

Negreanu beat both Raymer and TJ Cloutier to advance the to elite eight and faces Sean Sheikan next. Negreanu also posts the key hand in the match against Raymer and his prediction for the end of the tournament (himself, naturally, haha) in his blog. Keep your eyes on his blog if you want to know how the tournament ends a month before its broadcast date, or avoid it and wait for the TV airing.

For another take on the NBC touranment check out Wil Wheaton’s post on the players chosen to compete in this year’s Heads Up Tournament. Were all the players deserving?

Good luck!

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