Eyewear for Poker Stars a Must? Blue Shark Optics Gets the Sponsorship

Blue Shark Optics™, the global poker eyewear manufacturer, is announcing today a strategic sponsorship of the World Series of Poker® (WSOP), the largest, richest and most prestigious gaming event in the world.

Effective immediately, a press release says, Blue Shark Optics™ is an official sponsor and the brand will be highly visible during all WSOP events.

Of course, no top player could possibly be without eyewear.

“In today’s era, poker and sunglasses go together like peanut butter and jelly,” said Ty Stewart, the WSOP’s executive director.

“But we’ve never seen a company as committed to the specific needs of poker playersas Blue Shark. We look forward to helping more players discover their great product.”

“Our sponsorship of the World Series of Poker® is a huge accomplishment for our company,” said Kerry Karoutsos, Executive Director of Blue Shark Optics™.

“The WSOP is very selective about the quality of the companies that are its sponsors, and being selected by the WSOP is a strong validation that Blue Shark Optics™ provides a poker-specific product that is valued by those players who require a visual edge at the tables.”

Blue Shark Optics™ manufactures poker-specific eyewear that is designed primarily for indoor use. Their unique Crystalion-3™ lenses hide the eyes and allow maximum light penetration. Unlike dark sunglasses, the lenses provide a superior visual effect which in turn keeps the eyes fresh and rested.

“Wearing dark sunglasses at the poker table is no longer a viable option,” said Monica Lee, Director of Operations for Blue Shark Optics™. “Dark sunglasses may hide the eyes, but they also restrict your vision inducing mistakes and, perhaps more importantly, eye fatigue.

Blue Shark Optics™ solves the problem for the players who prefer to wear sunglasses at the table, because our lenses enable poker players to clearly see the playing field without any eye strain. At the same time, they can be assured that their eyes are completely hidden.”

I’m gonna get me a pair.

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