An Amusing Poker Story from Macau


Macau is hosting it’s first poker tournament ever, so the local dealers had to be trained from scratch.  The following online report is about one of these poker dealers.

“During the $300 mega-satellite on the first day, we had a dealer at our table who was new and pretty nervous as it was his first time dealing. He collects the cards from the previous hand. He riffles them, strips them, cuts them. He says, “blinds please” and the small blind posts.

He pitches a card to the small blind, and then to the big blind. Then, with mounting horror, he sees that the big blind has not put out his blind yet! He has an expression of sheer panic on his now weathered visage. After being frozen in his deer-in-headlights look for two seconds, he composes himself.

He sticks his right arm up, ramrod straight, and yells out, “FLOOR!” Big blind has now posted his blind. One of the tournament directors runs over, expertly avoiding people along the way. The director asks the dealer what the problem is. Dealer says, very seriously, “I dealt a card to him before he posted his blind.”

The director keeps a perfectly straight face and says, “No problem, keep on dealing.” The dealer’s relief is evident to all. He keeps dealing.”

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