Amateur poker mistakes

There are some mistakes that lots of amateur/beginner poker players carry out which can easily be avoided.

Most starting players, even those at Mansion Casino Online, will play too many hands because they want to be involved in the game – and that’s perfectly understandable. The thing about this is that it will cost you a lot of money at a time in your game where you are at most risk from more experienced players.

By playing too many hands you open yourself up to take a battering from better players. You must know that the majority of starting hands will need to be folded. It doesn’t sound like much fun, but it will stop you losing your whole bankroll in an evening.

Tilt is the mother of all poker mistakes as it can only lead to one thing; losing a wad of cash. The desperation of trying to recoup the losses of the day by either playing more aggressively or at a higher level where you are inexperienced is a major problem for so many poker players.

A lack of patience is a problem on so many levels because ultimately, poker is about patience. So, if you don’t have the necessary patience for poker, I would go so far as to say don’t even bother with it. Try a different game!

Twinned with a lack of patience is a lack of concentration. Without the ability to concentrate fully on the game, you may as well be handing chips to your opponents. It is issues like these which you can control, so make sure you control them well.

There are some more strategic mistakes that lots of amateurs, perhaps focusing on Online Slots and Other Casino Games, make. Overbetting/underbetting the pot are mistakes that will only be solved once you have understood pot odds (if you don’t, spend some time researching the basic theory either online or in any of the major poker books).

Amateurs will often fall in love with pretty hands and not be able to let go of them, no matter what the flop is. You must learn to adapt your play to the situation – even those aces might not be worth a huge call on the flop when it’s obvious someone has the flush. Being able to fold monsters is a skill even some more advanced players cannot master.


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