After Black Friday (of Online Poker…April 15), Players Gravitating to Smaller, Less Well-Known Sites to Play

Did the U.S. government actually think that closing down major online casinos would end online gambling?

Look, the feds are smart. They had to know that gamblers would just gravitate to lesser known sites.

And that’s exactly what is happening, according to players who email me.

While Absolute Poker, UB.com, Full Tilt Poker, and PokerStars are now struggling to regain their lost traffic, poker sites that were so far considered to be mediocre in relation to them, are now attracting a large number of online poker players with Carbon Poker and Lock Poker rapidly climbing to the top positions in the online poker gaming industry.

That’s not surprising at all.

As a result of the federal crackdown on Black Friday, the US Department of Justice demanded that the four poker sites either withdraw from the US market and refund US player deposits or stand trial in the federal court. Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars accepted the DOJ’s terms and conditions, agreed to refund player deposits, and withdrew their services from the US market.

US players are now unable to play at any of these online poker rooms, which were once considered to the top online poker sites in the industry.

Black Friday also resulted in the closing down of a number of payment processing companies, who hastily withdrew from the US market before they got into trouble.

This screwed a lot of American players, who were left with few banking options, in terms of making deposits.

Under these circumstances, Carbon Poker is one of the only online poker sites that offer the best solution for both American and European online poker players. The online poker room welcomes both US and European players to play cash poker games on its premises and offers innumerable ways for them to fund their online poker accounts and withdraw their funds without getting into trouble with the law.

Top payment options at Carbon Poker are EcoCard, Moneybookers, Bank Transfer, Western Union, and NETeller.

Players are free to deposit as much as $1000. What’s more, players who input the bonus code 35CARBON while making a first deposit of $1000 will get a bonus of $2000 plus 35 percent rakeback.


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