A Student’s Story about Playing at Party Poker

I happily discovered that one of my top students in my logic class this summer is an avid poker player, who likes to go to Atlantic City to play in Hold’em tournaments.  After class we would frequently speak to each other about poker, swapping stories and sharing strategies.  I told him about poker rooms that offer free money (no deposit) bonuses.  Last night he gave one of these poker rooms a try.  In his own words, here’s what happened to him at Party Poker, from which he received $75 for free when he signed up with them through PokerSourceOnline.  

I sat down at my $1/$2 and played my typical style. In the first 30 minutes I was up to $114.76. I was down to 55 dollars and i got pocket 3’s. I called from small blind and the flop came 3, 10, 10. So i flopped the second nuts. I checked, and one guy bet $10, and the guy after him called, I called also. On the turn came a 6. I lead out with 10 dollars, the next guy folds and the guy after him raises me $20. I go all in and he calls. He didnt show me his hand but I won that pot.

17 minutes later I get dealt pocket Q’s. Everyone called, i’m big blind and I raise it to 8 dollars. Everyone folds but one guy calls. The flop comes 7 2 9 rainbow. I lead out with a 10 dollar bet, he raises me 30, I put him all in for another 30, he calls and I won that hand also. At this point I am up to 190.43.

11 minutes after that I get dealt pocket A’s. There is 4 callers and I raise it 6 more to go. I get 2 callers. The flop comes Q 7 5 with 2 hearts. The one guy leads out with a 7 dollar bet, the guy after him calls. I figured they were both on draws, so I raise an additional 20 dollars. They both call me. The turn comes another heart. So I check, and they both check. The river comes a spade and one guy bets 25 dollars and the second guy calls. The pot at this point was about 160 dollars. So I had to call. The first guy had Q 5 of hearts. The second guy had pocket kings, and I had A’s. So i took a huge hit to my bank roll.

30 minutes later I am hovering around 100 dollars. I get dealt pocket 6’s in the big blind and there are a bunch of callers and 1 guy raises 6 more dollars. I called the 6 figuring if I make a set I will take down a huge pot. Plus I was getting 1:1 on my money. One other person calls. The flop comes 6, 9, 2 rainbow. I bet 6 dollars with my set, and the one guy folds and the other raises me 6 more dollars. I didnt put him on a straight draw or anything, so I called. The turn came an 8. So now i’m a bit nervous of a straight. So I bet 22 dollars. He raises me 44 dollars. I go all in for 80 something and he calls me. He has pocket A’s and I have my set of 6’s. The river comes an ace and I went bankrupt.

So basically if my percentages held up I would in theory be up to about 500 now cause I would of tripled up at 180 and busted this guy with a set of 6’s. And with losses inbetween 500 seems like a safe range.

It was fun though, I might try other free bankrolls later. I wrote down other hands I played and going to see if I could of played them differently.

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