A Series of Unfortunate Events

Last year I managed to convince someone to stake me and my friend in the Pokerstars Sunday Million. The excitement was palpable. We prepared ourselves for a long night of concentration and tense decisions.

During the first hour, we played such tight poker that I began to think it would be impossible to get through an evening of this. We saw no top hands and ended the hour with almost exactly the same stack as we had started. But action was only round the corner……

During the second hour of play, those looking at Scratch Cards Online should note that we started to enjoy ourselves and forget the fact that the $215 buy-in was a) much more than we usually played for, and b) not even our money! We managed to boost our starting stack by a few k (starting stack was 10k). Then came our hand. The hand of fate. A hand which left 30k in the pot and the chance to go into the top 100 in the tournament. The funny thing is that our starting hand was the worst one we had played.

109. The hand that I will never forget. 3 of us went to the flop. A glorious flop of 678. A huge bet on the flop was greeted with immense excitement. When the next player re-raised, I lost it. This was it. This was our chance to go deep in the biggest online tourney in the world. We went all-in over the top. When the first player turned over 88 we realised it was a genuine cold deck for them, and we would have to avoid a few cards to win. We were massive favourites though. The next player turned over…….108!!!!!! I burst out laughing. What a terrible play. The turn came a 10. All good. The river came a 10. Darkness fell. 108 had busted our nut straight and top set. The hand left us with about 500 chips, which was as good as being completely knocked out. Of the biggest tourney we had ever played.

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