A Poker-Playing, Cigar Smoking Supreme Court Justice? Why Not?

It’s pretty awesome to think that Elena Kagan, President Barack Obama’s nominee for Supreme Court Justice is known not just for her intellect (OK, she’s one of the Harvard crowd), but her poker playing and the fact that she smokes cigars.

So what?

I think it’s pretty cool.

It seems to be a big story in the media that she is not only smart, but can “play with the boys.”

And then some.

Yeah. Turns out Kagan is known amongst her posse as something of a poker player. The news about her poker playing always seems to be part of what commentators say about her.

CBS’s insisted “her interests reflect her openness. She loves softball and poker? (poker reflects “openness??).

NBC’s Pete Williams hailed her as an “accomplished poker player, opera lover.”kagan also plays poker and drinks beer, according to another news source, who described her as ‘someone who from early on has focused on the law’s impact on people’s lives.?

Well, I would hope so.

Welcome to the big time, Elena.

When she appears before Congress do you think Senators will ask her when it is proper to go “all in?”

Should be interesting.

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