A Poker Dream At Dream Poker

I signed up at Dream Poker today after my ignominious fall at PitBull.  At Dream Poker you get $10 for free and they don’t require a deposit.  The only hassle with the deal is that you do need to give them a credit or debit card number.

I’m not yet in love with the Dream Poker software.  The graphics at the tables are not my favorite, somewhat like Poker Stars.  I like seeing representations of people sitting around the table, like at Party or PitBull.  The buttons to raise require more effort than I would like to exert.  And the hands are dealt extremely quickly.  So you have little time to mull.  If you like playing a lot of hands per hour, then this is the place for you.  I’m still getting used to the speed.  I can’t imagine what their Turbo Hold’em is like.

Anyway, I decided to play no limit with $0.05/0.10 blind.  And, boy, the Gods were smiling on me.  I was simply on fire.  You name it I was pulling it.  I never had so many flushes in my life. People at the table were commenting on my hands.  It was actually quite amusing and weird.  I’m sure I’ll never have this sort of “lucky” experience again.

Without even using my little green friend Pokerbility, I ended up about $60 for the night, about four hours of playing.  And I believe I played more than the required number of raked hands (100) to withdraw the money.  Compared to other poker rooms the number of raked hands required to withdraw your money seems extremely low.  Definitely a major plus!!

Now you migth think that $60 isn’t that much given how I’ve described the quality of hands that I was being dealt.  Bear in mind, however, that the kind of play from the other players was the most tentative I’ve ever played against.  Players would get flushes on the river and not bet them.  Moreover, very rarely did people go all-in.  I played at several different tables and observed the same kind of tentative play.  People would also fold for a $0.10 raise. So my winnings were a result of many, as opposed to big, hands.

I think I may have found my dream spot for playing poker – Dream Poker.

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