My First Tip For Hold’em Beginners: Be Wary Of Sucker Suited Hands

I am certainly a beginner at hold’em and I’m trying to learn some of the basics.  I just found some interesting information that ranks how well people played their two-card hold’em hands.  It is based on 16.6 million actual hands of limit hold’em, and you can see a chart ranking the expected value of all 169 possible scenarios.  What I found particularly interesting about the rankings were the hands that may look attractive, but really can get you into trouble.  These hands aren’t the worst hands.  Rather they are the hands that on average you will lose you the most. amount of money.  I call them “sucker hands“.  Here are the seven worst, from 163rd worst to 169th worst.
7. 94s (“s” = suited)

6. 92s

5. 83s

4. 82s

3. 72s

2. 52s

and the biggest sucker hand of them all is (drumroll…..)

1. 32s

Why is a 32s more of a sucker hand than, say, a 72o (“o” = offsuited), which is the worst two-card hand to start off with in hold’em?  It is because people are sucked in by the possibility of a flush or a straight.  I know I have felt the pull.  You can be easily tempted to hang around for more bets on a 32s than you would with a 72o.  The problem is that if you pull a flush or a straight, then there’s a good chance that someone who stuck around for the multiple bets will pull even a higher flush or straight, and when this happens there is usually a lot of money at stake.

The lesson to learn is that some suited pairs are sucker hands.

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